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"If you enjoy a sports type game, like golf, or echo VR, you need to give this a try, you won't be disappointed"


"...the developers made a few fixes to the mechanics which helped tremendously. Bravo to a quick response"


"I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced a video game that is both relaxing and challenging in the way that this game is"



Heya! We're FreeFallStudios, creators of Disc Benders: Ace Run, the ultimate Disc Golf simulator for virtual reality. With this game, we strive to embody the values we think disc golf and VR share:

smooth, motion-controlled throwing, user-defined pacing, and a great social experience.
We hope you'll join us on this journey as we set our sights high and to the sky :)



What can you expect?

A game that provides an excellent disc golf experience, and respects realistic disc flight dynamics (like Turn & Fade),

while ensuring the mechanics of throwing and concepts of the game are as accessible as possible. You'll be able to play solo (either freely, or trying to best your own scores), or link up with friends and enjoy a round on the course together.
In your bag, you'll have a selection of discs, with their own unique flight patterns, that will be useful for each situation you'll encounter over the 3 varied courses and 40+ holes up for play

What's so unique?

  • While other VR games can offer a respectable sports experience, nothing comes close to letting you play with
    the deep systems of disc flight that Disc Benders models so well. It's a real joy learning and watching your discs fly as they weave and glide towards the baskets

  • Since the weight and size of disc golf discs are so similar to VR controllers, your sense of weight and power will be unparalleled - There won't be any deadweight or visual disparities, like you'd get from holding a bowling ball or golf club in VR - It feels very natural in your hands, allowing for the highest levels of immersion

  • Throwing is one of the most instinctive actions in VR, but a lot of games have been missing the mark (It's not easy!) 
    With our metrics-based system we've been adapting over the last few years, we've done the work to ensure a throwing mechanic that will respect your intentions, while also challenging you to find your zone

How can I play?

Disc Benders is exclusively VR-only, meaning you'll need a headset to play. Currently, the game is available on all Oculus hardware, including the Quest 1 & 2, and Rift - We are looking to expand the game to more and varied platforms once we are happy with the amount of content, and are ready to scale. If you don't own a headset, we'd be thrilled for you to join the VR community! We'd suggest looking at the popular Quest 2 as a great entry-level device




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